If you are planning your next vacation trip to Florida and are fond of sport fishing then finding the spots for best sport fishing in Florida should be in your priority list. Your search may end in Miami as it is considered as one of the best fishing destinations of the world. You can find spots for sport fishing in Miami a bit away from luxurious high rise buildings and near the mangroves filled with life or on the beaches with wrecks of historical ships. Some of these locations allow you to fish a number of species during your vacations.

Your catch on the beaches of Miami depends on various factors including the time of year, your location and the surroundings you are going to use for this purpose. Some of the spots for best sport fishing in Florida are briefly discussed here under for your convenience. You can choose from them as per your suitability and requirements.

Blackpoint Marina

This spot for sport fishing in Miami is located just southeast of Cutler Bay and Goulds, of the Ronald Reagan Turnpike and south of Miami-Dade near the National Park of Biscayne. It has a jetty extended up to 1.5 miles into the bay to allow you to fish a variety of species including barracuda, snook, bonefish, tarpon, red drum and a number of species found in saltwater. The amazing wildlife and forests around this location make it livelier than your expectations while fishing lots of sea-life underneath.

Safety Value, Featherbed Bank, Cape Florida

Fishing has been permitted by Safety Value, Miami during summers at Featherbed Bank located a bit north of Cape Florida. During late spring until the start of fall you can find hard fighting fish in this region so for sport fishing you are permitted to fish light and medium saltwater species during summers in shallow waters. In a bit southwest of Safety Value you can find 3 spots in Featherbed Bank area where you can fish various species in shallow waters. You can use any kind of small crab or even dead lobsters and crabs as bait to attract the fish you want to catch.

Maule Canal Mouth near Maul Lake, Miami

If you want to catch snook fish then this spot is the best sport fishing in Florida as you can find snook fish here throughout the year. You can use live shrimps, baitfish or drop offs as bait to attract as many snook fish as you want. This spot is also known for night fishing.

Reef at The L. Bodenhamer Sunken Liberty Ship

There is a 450 feet long sunken steel cargo ship nearly 3 miles on the east of Bal harbour where you can find lots of grouper, amberjack, barracuda and snapper fish waiting for you. though this site is not a popular fishing spot but if you are an adventurous fisherman then you can find tons of fish in this reef.

Indian Grass Flat

This spot for sport fishing in Miami is located in the southeast of Biscayne Park and east of Miami Shoes where you can fish trout throughout the year, especially in the morning and evening. You can use soft plastics or shrimps as bait.

Dumfoundling Bay

Though this bay located in the Northwest of Sunny Isles in NE Miami-Dade and just south of Aventura is surrounded by condo buildings and beautiful luxury apartments still it allows you to fish jack crevalle, tarpon, big black drum and snook. The best time to fish up to 30 pounds heavy drumfish dwelling here in the deep channels and shallow flat grass is in March and April as well as September and October.

Mangrove Point

This fishing point in Miami is located just next to Mangrove Key within Miami-Dade County to offer challenging fishing opportunities to fishermen a few yards away in lively and watery forests of Mangrove. You can find bonefish in this area al the year around but you can get permit to fish them from fall until spring. You can use live shrimps or crabs as bait to attract bonefish.

Thus, the spots for best sport fishing in Florida discussed in this write-up can help you in finding a suitable one for you during this vacation trip. If you want to find some other spot for sport fishing in Miami then you should spend some time to search online.